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Promises for 2017...

So it's the 2nd January 2017 -  a day of new beginnings after all the Christmas lazing, stuffing and playing.  Not sure about you, but most years I get abit overwhelmed on New Year's Day - too much expectation & (in my eyes) not enough done from the year just passed. So instead of my usual annual mope-time I thought it a good time to lay out a few little promises to myself which you might find helpful too for this new year...

Number 1: BE KIND TO YOURSELF - whether that's in your business life or your home life... let yourself off the hook occasionally- everyday cannot be a superhuman day.

Number 2: LOOK BACK - not all the time... don't be a sad sack thinking of bygone times, but instead look back in order to see how far you've come forward on whichever journey you're on.

Number 3: EMBRACE it all- the highs, the lo's, the rise, the fall, the in's, the out's and the shake it all about's. One major thing I have learnt over the last couple of years is that nothing is permanent & everything is temporary- so whether you're having the time of your life or experiencing the most hideous set backs it doesn't last forever, so embrace those magical moments when they're there- photo the shit out of it, hug the ones you love until their heads almost pop off and sing about all of the amazeballs times from the rooftops while they are there as they'll help guide and push you when your life suddenly hits pause or rewind. And, if you're in that set back phase take comfort from the fact that nothing is forever.

Happy New Year lovely people, now 2017, let's get shit done.

Posted: 02/01/2017 at 17:04
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