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Reasons to be Joyful

Last Friday I felt like i'd been whacked in the face by a brick wall (a brick wall on legs with a devious grin I might add... this is the world of Peas-in-a-Pod after all) and the whole of Friday I felt uneasy, queasy and that kind of 'a storm is comin' type of anxiety.  I totally blame myself, as I'd cocooned myself in thinking that 'In' would overcome 'Out' and that quite frankly who the heck would want to do such a risky perilous thing, and what fools would seriously be on the same side as Farage, Johnson and Gove.  Well, as it now appears, a whole heap... including a few of my nearest and dearest (crappy Christmas presents for them this year me thinks).

But as you might have seen on Instagram it really isn't the peasy way to be down in the dumps and despite my concerns, and of them I have many (the future of my family, Deputy Pea's future, work, house, money, building up a small business) they still have to be kept in check.  Peas-in-a-Pod is a brand built on happiness, fun, joy, the little things that make us smile, that unite us..... and that's simply because i'm that kinda gal.  My other half often says my brain is full of fluff and unicorns, but believe me, my ability to see the positives has come at a price.  The chips have been down many a time in my 30 odd years of life, but I have learnt to pick myself up, dust myself off and keep moving forward because.... there's no other option! You are the master of your destiny and only you can direct the winds, you are your master of ceremonies and it is only you that can give yourself a better life. Sod the politics, and sod Brexit - the world won't cave in, it'll be a rocky road especially in the short term, but it was always going to be. The worries I have about the future, both personally and for Peas-in-a-Pod were still going to be there even if we'd stayed 'In'.  

So as a sad little 'Inner' licking her wounds I've picked myself up and carried on as normal.  Don't get me wrong, I had a good long rant over the weekend, but quite frankly no one wants to party with the grump in the corner, especially not Deputy Pea.  I've seen so many hideous posts on social media since Friday: griping, grieving and wailing which made me cringe and it's just too depressing - we're better than that people.  Ultimately, wailing about it won't give us back the vote, or help to change the outcome anymore.  

One of my most favourite sayings is 'kill it with kindness' and that is exactly what needs to be done with all the fear-mongering and hatred that has brewed up since the In/Out campaign started.  What we 'Inners' now have to do to address the situation is look at the positives, they were there already with the weekend celebrations of Glastonbury and Pride - what better demonstrations of uniting with your fellow human... We need to build each other up, unite with your fellow man (regardless of whether they're an Inner or Outer) and hope for the good.  

So, my little teensy bit of advice (for what it's worth) is to find reasons to be joyful, from the biggest of things to the tiniest.   Keep the scary thoughts at bay, we don't know what will happen yet, but stay positive, look for the good stuff and keep on moving forward.

Peas-in-a-Pod's Reasons to be Joyful:

1) We have two new lovely stockists 'Lark' and 'Love Inc'
2) We met lots of gorgeous people at Joy Festival in Lewes and made lots of new fans
3)This year so far, sales have boomed, waaaay beyond previous years
4) We reached the finals of the Muddy Stilettos Awards (no easy feat as a little sole trader)
5) We've started selling on the fabulous All By Mama online shop

Posted: 29/06/2016 at 29/06/2016 15:13:10
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